This isn’t your average ‘gym’ yoga. All Coöp instructors are Registered Yoga Teachers from renowned institutions and each has their own unique style of practice. Whether you’re an expert yogi or it’s your first time in a yoga studio, our teachers are here to meet you where you stand and deliver a rejuvenating yoga experience.

Come and see for yourself! Coöp currently offers the following at our West Town location;

Foundational Yoga
Increase your range of motion and muscle flexibility in a relaxing flow. Foundational yoga provides students with a basic understanding of breathing techniques, strong posture, and meditative practices. This class is perfect for stress release and a favorite of beginners and more advanced students alike!

Open Level Yoga
Practice the core components of yoga in our Open Level (mixed level) class. Moving at a moderate pace, modifications will be offered to students with less (or no) experience. This class is highly focused on using breathing in sync with movement to guide the flow and relieve tension.

Yin Stretch
Slowly and safely, Yin yoga stretches the connective tissue of the body to increase healthy joint motion, flexibility, and range of movement. Yin aims to stir energy flow within the body and focuses on holding poses for longer periods of time (generally 2-5 minutes) while easing muscle soreness and pain. Yin is a favorite of athletes to wind down the body after a tough work-out.

To submerge yourself in a deeper level of awareness and more complex practice, Vigorous yoga is our most advanced class. All our welcome but some yoga experience is recommended for this practice. Vigorous will expand on basic poses and flow through different postures and longer holds to rejuvenate the mind and body through a more challenging practice

About Coöp Yoga


Coöp Yoga is a growing program! We are currently focused on providing Open level and Foundational yoga every day, but as our demand increases we aim to cater to a wider range of beginner and advanced classes! Coöp Yoga is open to Coöp Gym members, and also offers separate yoga memberships, class packages, and walk-in rates.

From late spring to early fall join us to practice on our beautiful rooftop space!