• Guided Workouts

    Be your own coach!

    • Easy to follow program  posted in the gym.
    • Designed by fitness experts, work-outs change often.

  • Coöp Group Conditioning

    Group Conditioning improves the overall level of fitness in a team atmosphere.

    • Unlimited Group Conditioning sessions (Max 16 People)
    • Designed to get blood pumping and calories burning. 

    • Fast paced and  high intensity work-out to improve the metabolic rate.
    • Free friends & family day passes, 1/month

  • Semi-Private Training

    Semi-Private Training gives each participant individual attention AND camaraderie.

    • Unlimited Semi-Private coaching (Max 6 People)
 + unlimited Group Conditioning
    • Focused on building muscle and burning fat.
    • Improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and muscle tone.
    • free friends & family day passes, 2/month

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training

    Intense 1- on-1 coaching, tailored just for you.

    • Four, eight, or twelve 1-on-1 sessions per month

    • unlimited Semi-Private coaching
    • unlimited Group Conditioning sessions

    • Individual attention to meet your needs & community atmosphere to keep you motivated.
    • MyZone belt for calorie and exercise metrics, plus the smartphone app